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Our Story

Our Story


The idea for Essential By Nature came from the experience of the Founder and CEO of Essential By Nature, who was involved in a car accident in 2014. The accident had left her with back muscle spasm and she was unable to apply any cream to the lower part of her body for a period of 6 weeks which had resulted in having extremely very dry skin in that area.

However, remembering her childhood feast of mixing various natural, organic oil together to rub on her young skin to keep it nourished and moisturised, she decided to do the same when she was well enough and able to apply cream on her skin. After few days of applying the oil mixture on her skin there was a noticeable improvement, with her skin feeling so soft and nourished like a baby's skin.

While still recuperating at home, she was able to experiment with various oil combinations using only 100% natural ingredients.

She enjoyed this new hobby and found it therapeutic, so much so that she decided to start a small scale business out of it. So with sheer determination and encouragement from her youngest daughter, she attended extensive training courses to learn more about making skin care products and as a result Essential By Nature was born.

100% Natural Ingredients Skin Care, Because We Care

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